I recorded this EP in November of '15, at the "Say It Loud" comedy show run by my guy, Comedian James Brown, Jr., in Grand Rapids, MI.  I'd been threatening to release a cd for years but even though I recorded a million shows, something was always stopping me from releasing them. Either the sound wasn't right, the material wasn't right, the audience wasn't right, the "this" wasn't right or the "that" wasn't right. But what I finally realized is that mostly...my mind wasn't right. Well guess what?...it still isn't. I'm still on the obsessive/compulsive tip and the procrastination tip and the hyper self critical tip and the...So I decided to stop stopping my self and step aside and let me through.  

Hope you enjoy it!  



This Chicago native is versatile, but he’s also funny as heck and is not afraid to be satirical, philosophical, and political. He absolutely feeds on hypocrisy, and did we mention he’s funny as heck? It’s true.

– The Detroit Metro Times